Feel Happy

As the members of CB Charitable Society we feel happy all the times since we make others life happy. Read More


Any one can join the society voluntarily without any investments , what we need is a serving heart with peaceful mind.Read More


We help the Old age people by providing them Free accomodations, Free Cancer Treatment, Free Kidney Care programs & more beneficial programsRead More

Helping Mind & Caring Heart !!

Mainly we are concentrating on providing financial assistance to 3 major diseases such as Heart, Kidney and Cancer. We are making a tie up with hospitals and sending patients along with our letter. Payments are made through Bank to the concerned hospitals.

Besides this giving assistance for other diseases, marriages of poor girls, house construction for houseless people, education for deserving students etc. In addition we are distributing 10 Kgs rice every month 3rd Sunday for more than 50 deserving families of Krishnapuram Panchayath.